My Very First blog post!!

Hio everyone…today I am officially beginning with my first ever blog post..yipee!! I have been planning to this for a while now..but for some reason could not summon up the courage and also I thought it would be tad difficult.But for some reason I read a wonderful post today in Facebook which said ‘ which step are you in’ ..this might not be the ¬†exact words but important part is ,it basically showed steps of our to – how we first begin with an idea but think I can’t do it, then we try to think positive and think maybe I can do it, and then how will I do it ,I will do it,I can do it,I did it.As I saw the pics I realised that I was in step how will I do it..and there was a long way to reach I did it..but another thought struck me that unless I move towards I will do it ..I can never reach the last step.Hence I determined to aleast start with my blog.

I am an aspirant writer .I love writing poems ( if I may call them) in English and Hindi. Through this blog I would like to give a creative start to my career as writer ,which is my dream apparently. It has taken me long years to realise my dream and a lot more courage to work towards it . But now that I have started I plan to continue.I am sure there would be lot of u guys out there raising a small dream in your mind ,in your heart.Trust me guys and gals..nothing is impossible. We just need some confidence and lot of courage .Please share if you also dream.:)