This verse is an inspiration from a beautiful beautiful conversation I read on YouTube comment section amongst three people, all strangers, but the positivity and hopes they spread to each other spread far and wide and reached me on my gloomiest day while I was listening to this song ( Yeh Hausla Kaise Jhunke – DOR).

What touched me the most is that they used the exact words that would calm their painful souls and stood out in the crowd.

Sometimes we crave such calming words from our close ones but in vain. However, as it is known the soul seeks help and the universe answers the same.

This act of soothing a complete unknown stranger with kind words was the most selfless act I have encountered so far. Miraculous!!!

My world was drowning in sorrows
Your words kept me going
My world was drowning in sorrows
Your words they kept me alive
Like a ray of hope
amongst darkest clouds
Your words stood out in the crowd

Your words they healed my soul
and yet we are unknown
We prayed together to find peace forever
and yet we are stranger's to each other

My world was drowning in sorrows
Your words they healed my wounds
Like a ray of hope
amongst the darkest clouds
Your words stood out in the crowd.


The Day I Discovered Love!

Our eyes met and I knew that, he was for me.

We meet …We smile and there is a lot of conversation through eyes.

His smile is infectious and he has just the right amount of sparkle in his eyes.
We chat through messages
His words are prefect !
Stirs a chord in me.
I can feel it in my bones that he is for me .

We meet and he is looking but doesn’t say a word.

And I am so talkative…We meet 4 times, not a word from that guy …why ?
He can’t speak  …Oh My God !
Already lost my heart and have fallen, and this time really hard…what should I do?

He is very caring, haven’t met anybody like him.
Spoke to parents they liked him very much,
but not okay with the fact that he can’t speak.
Scared what if our kids be like him?
We don’t budge, get married!!

Everything is sparkly and bubbly. 
Until we started fighting .
Loosing my mind trying to understand his sign. Tell him so …..
He is hurt …what can I do?

Vikas is awesome …He is very friendly.

His jokes make me laugh and sometimes he shares his stories.They touch my heart.

I wonder what his words do to me?
Sometimes I crave for those words from Abhimanyu.

Those words of appreciation…the way he puts it, they make me feel great!

Vikas feels sorry for me ..when he heard Abhi can’t speak.

He thinks words are bridge between two people which strengthens relationship.

Today I was very upset and Vikas hugged me and his word’s soothed me.
Word’s they mean so much !.

I feel there’s a empty space in my heart ….Abhi is great but a word of understanding could have made so much difference.
We meet …hide and meet! In office, in his place. We talk for hours and we connect in so much levels unlike with Abhi….

He holds me from behind and whispers . “I love you, I want u so much”
Those words !!!!
I casually control the tsunami effect it had on me .
Why can’t I have Abhi do such thing to me ..?

I deserve a whole life, a whole partner …!
There’s a war in mind…

Abhi is oiling my hair ..his expression of love.
I compare it with Vikas..he would have something to differ.
His ways, so refined and romantic …perfect gentlemen..and his words they make me drool
Abhi is simplest human I have know ..true but actions can’t be everything.
Something is missing.

The fatal begins!!!…the moment oil spills on my shoulder staining my clothes I loose senses..

I shout like never before …
never once thinking what that means ….Accusing ,blaming …Abhi walks out silent .
He looks back and the pain blows me. I cover that with fury.

Vikas offered for drink after office in his place …I agree I needed that space.

I walk out of office to my black destination ..never once informing Abhi about it.

We do the undo…I’m crying ….suddenly all those romantic words don’t soothe me anymore.

Suddenly past flashes …Abhi asked my consent with those eyes ..his patience his mark for true love . What he wanted was my soul and trust …what I gave could, not be forgiven.

Abhi is sitting on our bed, with his hand on mine twined…It takes all I have to tell the truth..But I give whatever I could. He is looking not a tear in his eyes…its tearing me and I silently die .

Slowly he leaves the room, my heart sinks …he has left me for good.

Tears well up my eyes…forgiveness is far thing ..I feel I can’t survive …Minutes turn to hours…it’s as if we are frozen under time.

We stay where we were and a day passes by …in morning I open my swollen eyes …smelling fresh coffee…I stare at equally swollen eyes …Abhi is standing at the beds side.
He is holding coffee and bread..with a sad smile that can tear through oceans …
There’s a letter he signals to open.It says…

No matter what, you are mine ..
I have loved you the moment I saw..
Even if I die this can’t go back..
I lost my heart and soul to you and
Now I am ruined for life for you.
You came back  to me that shows,
what I mean to you, I ask nothing more.
I might not speak the words but my heart sings
Every moment every possible word of love I can think.

I looked at him tears of gratification ..and heart full of love. That day I discovered love,

It’s not just a emotion its greater than that!

Love, forgives …never stops ..intensifies … and is, most purest of all relations .

A soul that loves is beautiful……Very beautiful….!


When Tough Time Comes!!

Lot has been said and observed about life . How life can be bed of thorns at times and bed of flowers at times..but nothing prepares you for it …I mean both the happy times and bad times unless you are facing it right in the face .

One moment life is easy peasy and smooth and next moment you are suddenly riding fast through uneven bumpy road of difficulties, maybe you don’t even want to face it …be there..but is there any options ? No! .

When time gets tough all we can do is,  be tough and face it with straight face and determination and silent prayers for it to pass.

When life is too generous to shower happy moments then all we can do is embrace it with open arms and silently pray for it to never be over .

There is a phrase  which I can sum up  is my guidance light. No matter what and where I am I have  always believed in these words –  ” THIS TOO SHALL PASS” . This means that no matter what the situation is …it shall pass ..just like time ! . Just like water, it flows …never stagnant . Always remember Good times or Bad times don’t last …there longetivity  extends sometimes, but trust me friends. ..its NEVER  GOING TO LAST FOREVER ….That’s very important to remember!

The ending maybe good or bad …..but i assure God gives strength to overcome this situation and its very essential that we never ‘ LET GO’ …because ” THIS TOO SHALL PASS”.

The reason I am blogging this because I want others who are not prepared to face life to read and understand ..that in this life there’s nothing much we can do to change our destiny but we can try ……be strong and face it …!

The beginning might be sad but I know ending will be happy and peaceful.😊



There have been times when I, thought about quitting, but during these times I have also thought …will this help me ?

I have been a courageous girl, atleast that’s what I had like to believe. All those times when life was pulling me down I have struggled and held my head high even though I was shivering beneath and I could barely keep my legs straight.

Hi! I am thirty one, and I am going through “MIDLIFE-CRISIS“. I am totally confused how to continue my life from here. So, I am an female, and have seen till date all the adversaries what an average adult faces, excluding – natural calamities ….also no extreme things ..let me clarify ! What I mean is usual stuff like birth, death, love, betrayal, friendship, finance ..etc.

After going through all of the above I have somehow survived, reason could be that I was a stay at home wife. So I would say I was ‘naive’ and I have no reason to say so …. because then the question arises …Was I living under the stone ?. To that my answer would be ..yes! I was living under the stone, why else would I have never seen that, the answers of my life were peeking to me on my face all this while and I was just not looking! And all this happens only after I start working.Going out of the house helped me in so many ways than I can put in words, I am confident, I know where I stand in my career – I know my career goals, I feel independent and that is an awesome feeling ! .

I wonder why staying at home didn’t help me being confident, I guess doing regular chores and not challenging myself had made me lazy and lethargic. I had stopped using my brain. All the work that I did at home were monotonous and physically tiring but not rewarding, so I stopped thinking about growing any further and whatever problems I faced, rather than resolving them on my own I began to depend on others to resolve it for me, because I was at home in my comfort zone…. and didn’t want to be bothered with everyday troubles if they were out of my home zone.

My dreams had taken a back seat and I would stare at them from afar and then lie down on my comfy bed stretching like a cat!. I would give excuses to myself that all these issues can be handled later, right now I am busy with this chores – that chores, and that later turned into month’s and year’s……

Anyhow, now that I finally started working and stepped out of my ‘comfort- zone ‘I am loving every day as it comes. I have started understanding that the problems that I had were not problems, problem ….was my attitude towards it. When I think about life as an outsider all the solutions seem simple. Yet, I say I go through ‘MID -LIFE CRISIS’ ………….why?

Well to start with …now I know what my ambition is, where most of my life I thought I was born ambitionless. I also know now, that my health is my priority…not for my child or to please my spouse neither to look good among peers but for my own well being. These are my top most priorities and I finally understand them when I have already crossed thirty!

Now that I have realized my goals I have no clue how to work, to make them come true. I know its never too late to begin and I am ready to start, but do not know from where?

So after long time I have taken first step to make myself independent. Gradually I plan to work towards my dream. I always loved writing and just writing this piece has given me a feeling of liberation……….to let out words that crowd my mind. But this is just the beginning of my goals, there are many more to conquer. So once again I gear myself up to face this crisis and I am sure I will figure my way out of this…

I am glad that I have found my purpose to live and have to work tirelessly to achieve it, for what else do we live for?. It’s nice to fight each adversaries and feel victorious everyday, even if it means for smallest thing possible.

I think MID -LIFE -CRISIS is more of an achievement to me! By now I know what things I have done wrong, I have already faced some tuff times, I have already enjoyed and wasted lot of my time like there is no tomorrow ( by the way I don’t regret that, cause now I have some great stories to tell my grandkids! ) .Now it’s time to work towards what I have not done and that is achieving my ‘goals‘.

Now it’s time to rise and shine and achieve those goals which were meant to be mine.Now it’s time to live and not just exist!.


An Open Letter To All The Women…


Hi ladies,

Personally I feel you have made a huge mistake by choosing to work while taking care of your families !!   What you really do is work your ass off in office with work pressures , targets and commitments .Some of you even travel place to place on daily basis ..then you come back home deal with your – children studies, cooking food , cleaning the house , e.t.c . And circumstances are even  worse for the women  residing in joint family ,who get’s  no help from her in laws expecting her to be a super women with supernatural strength to do everything perfectly and “yes” on time !

Why I target middle class because these women cannot afford  domestic help and most of the times there families are also not supportive of their work  . They virtually struggle their  whole life juggling between job and family..its like to and fro they spin like an yo-yo!.  Their pain is real something we all can relate to at some point of time in our respective life’s. No matter the amount of riches ,if a women set’s her foot out to work she has to mentally prepare herself to handle both the worlds – family and career.. unlike to their opposite gender who live a carefree life focusing on their job and thus excelling in it . Hats off !!! to those wonderful  women who despite all such hardship excel at their jobs and prove better then men . But a large section of women among us are still struggling trying to be both ‘men’ and ‘women’ of the house .

These women belong to the middle class where they stay in big cities with big family hoping to get a better life . They believe by working out they get their freedom and earn few bucks too ..but in the long run what they are doing is harming themselves by ignoring their health , space and well -being . These women get no or little assistance from their families. They are expected to be polite at every point of time handling all the calamities of life with supernatural power while staying focused towards their career.Any impoliteness caused is taken as disrespect no matter what the cause be ..nobody gives a thought that their health might be the reason since women tend to experience more pain than men , no one shows empathy towards them ..and trust me ladies sympathy doesn’t help in such situations …however  if this behavior would have been from their male counterparts ..the family instantly goes on emergency alert..worrying about his health, career, boss what not ..!!

I personally believe that women is our ancestral time lived happily ,enjoying single responsibility of their home (which by the way is a huge task itself)  and thus lived longer .Whereas now-a-days women suffer from all kinds of lifestyle disorder ,health issues ..because of the additional burden of duties that they have chosen to haul on their shoulders. Ages before work was specifically divided between  men and women considering the ability of both the genders . Men are physically strong so they were in charge to bring food, hunt and build . Women are emotionally strong so they were in charge to bear the babies and look after the families . Thus , this gave ample time to women to recover from the stress they handled on daily basis also physically they were rested enough to take care of the families needs and function 24/7.

So my dearest women , you already have all kinds of burden from your family to take care of – children – there studies,health, clothes , your man (who is like a child too -fondly represented such by his family ..)cleaning house, cooking , sabziwala, dudhwala, and all the ‘walas’ who you deal with monthly or daily basis, your in-laws and there well being ..etc…e.t.c. among all these duties stepping out to work and travel only increases your duties thus affecting your personal space , your freedom  and eventually your health.






A view of the setting sun taken from the terrace of a building in Dosti Acres in Wadala,  Mumbai


I ran upstairs as soon as I returned  from school ..knocked on the door to meet the familiar face of my neighbor who stayed there..he was far older than me …I was no more than a teen myself and he was already in college..we were friends ..unusual friends you can say that …because what we spoke about was utter non- sense but extremely satisfying ..and after nearly twenty years ..while I m staring at the terrace of my opposite apartment ..the memories are flashing back!! They are not romantic ..but peaceful..the time when I was myself  and would let go -speak my mind without thinking about the consequences like grown -ups .I still don’t remember what kind of bond can a college 20 year something can have with a 10 year something. …still we used to go to the terrace every evening ..noon sometimes..simply talk ..or just sit and  stare at the stars.
Damn it was so peaceful!! Although we had nothing romantic…  we were not  friends ..I mean I used to call him “Bhaiya”..and treated him like friend be frank our relationship had no name ..I never tied him Rakhi ..we both purely adored  each others company so much that I practically spend my half day either in his house ..or we would sit in the terrace and  hangout on the water tank above the terrace ..I know such situations now are not looked upon ..the same way it would have been twenty years before ..but still…I don’t think both of us would have cared for …
We would stare at the stars …talk about them ..and trust me those are my best memories till date ..I was not blessed with a happy childhood  and i wasn’t that bright student either ..All the frustration and loneliness around me found solace whenever I would gaze at the stars .
Years have passed by and today when we meet..we act normal like old neighbors would ..but deep down I know he would always hold a special place in my heart as a person who listened to my non stop blabbering, who spoke to me when I had no friends to speak to .. I would always remember him as a person who gave me those memorable memories – strings attached memories ..just pleasurable and  happy memories.
When I look at the terrace and the water tank of my old apartment where I grew up..I always have a smile ..I might not show that on the face but I am smiling ..  within!


Things That I Understand ,Now That I Am A Mom…

Every mother has a vivid dream as to how she will bring up her child . The action plan is mapped out in her mind even before the child comes into existence .A lot of thought is given over the matter, which is rather serious for the first timers.Every parent wants to succeed as a parent and want their child to respect and idealize them in future . Even though I accept that both parents put a lot of efforts into bringing up the child, I have a special place for mom’s ..coz  I am one now and  I can totally understand what a mom goes through right from the time she gets the special news till the time her child is old enough to take care of themselves which I believe is never…

When a mom conceives a baby ..she is not only conceiving the baby but a future in her womb..nuturing begins right from there..and continues like forever..The baby is out and about and now  moms have to nurture them ,protect them and also prepare them for every milestones as per their age .Sometimes I feel the milestones mentioned all over the internet for babies should actually mention the milestones for mom’s …because with every milestone of the child ,the mom steps into next milestones as well ,of her life .Right from crawling to talking ,eating to walking and many more . The baby grows ,learns new things..talks ,walks ,eats ..and everyone praises the baby for their efforts ,but seldom I see anybody acknowledging the mountain of efforts the mom has taken to teach that each and every move the child makes ,right from holding his hand – the encouraging words she spoke to her baby ..the  time she left those hands so that her baby can walk on her own,nobody will ever know how fast her heart was  pounding with anxiety .How scared she was for her baby. The time she is let her baby eat alone,how worried she was that her baby would choke on the food and  not bite every single morsel patiently..yes ! for moms every single morsel taken by her small baby  is the reason to worry .Nobody will ever congratulate her for her bravery when she left her child to school for the first time ..Those two hours were worse than any nightmare…I know that because I m a mom..and I cried standing there in front of my babies school as if someone had snatched his rights from me..stupid it may sound ..but I could see my reflection on many other mom’s , some trying very hard to control  and some desperately peeping inside ..trying to get a glimpse of their ward. How brave is that!

I personally think that every mom should be given a special bravery award for caring for her ailing child ..that’s the toughest part of being a mother. To see your child suffering no matter with which ever ailment it is …it could be a silly sneeze or something serious ..I don’t think any site or book or advice can ever prepare her for the huge amount of heart-break she will face by just looking at her ailing child .How hard she tries to keep a brave face ..crying inside and asking for help from God ….how suspicious she is of doctors treatment..whether they would treat better or not ..She would stop at nothing until she is satisfied with the treatment. She will follow her heart and most of the times she is right too. They say ‘Mothers knows it all’ well what you know she does !.The amount of control she keeps that time is humongous ..she cares for child physically and emotionally never letting her child to be saddened by the situation,then there are dad’s to be handled who are weakest link when it comes to child’s you see she handles not only one but two of them ..and its an enormous responsibility to maintain your sanity and continue with everyday chores while your child is unwell . No one can ever understand the connection a mother has with her child …its far more sacred than any kind of love. Hats off to all the wonderful  Moms..Truely.

Mothers are so special ..I don’t even know if I can explain everything in words .. its endless!!!..There love for us is infinite ..Each and every word that i write today ..each and every alphabet has been thought by my mother and i can totally understand how hard it must be for her to teach a toddler to read and write ,who is completely new to this world of reading and writing  ..I mean each alphabet from A- Z has my moms efforts echoed into it and i cannot even thank her enough for this. Today i can achieve my goal and write because there’s a mom who sacrificed her health, happiness, entertainment n many more so that she can give special attention to her children’s studies and teach them to be successful in future . So maybe today she is just a house wife or a retired officer ..but she had seen a dream for her child and worked selflessly to see her dream come true ..To make her child self sufficient ..sucessfull..happy and healthy in life .That’s all a mother ever prays for .

As a mother today i understand my mom completely ..every day is a new challenge and all the deeds she has done for me is so clearly evident ..which i might have not even considered if i were not a mother..I can’t even explain the immense pressure a mom faces to raise her child ..she has to look  after every minute details of her child’s life be it , physical , emotional and mental too..and if any thing goes wrong ..she has to take the blame . It’s very convenient to blame the mother ..but no one ever ponders on the walloping efforts she puts everyday to teach good deeds to the child .Seldom the society praises  her accomplishments as a mother. Even after so much of struggle i have rarely heard a mom boasting of her endeavor …My experience as a mother till now has been happy,exerting and blissful and i am sure all the mothers out there have felt all these emotions at some point of their life ..Mothers are next to God .  Their contribution in shaping our lives would always be slightly more than anybody else . As a mother i now   understand that the mighty task to deliver good human being to society lies on delicate yet strong shoulders of mothers and i am sure each generation of mothers will stay true to it …Long hale all the moms of the world!!!! ..Silent bow!!










A Short Story…

The deep blue sapphire lay in my palm. Expensive, but useless to me.I had arrived at my ancestral home after 20 long years and everything had remained the same except that one thing! .That one thing which still struck me hard in my heart like a lightning. I just couldn’t shrug that feeling. Damn! Why the hell did I come back here.. After all that happened to me.

My pet dog Bruno appeared out of nowhere and tickled me till I jolted back to reality, my daughter Riya was waiting for me inside the house, bored and frustrated. I reluctantly got up and went inside may be the gem would make her happy. My mom was preparing dinner in the late summer night. She had just finished cleaning the hall and the kitchen. I had been nominated to clean the verandah and the garden area,that’s when I remembered the Neem tree at the far corner and the little secret that I had dug at its roots twenty years ago. The atmosphere was a breeze outside, it bore a sweet monsoon scent from a far land, rousing my senses. I turned towards the neem tree, memories flashing to me like a bioscope. All these years I had kept this secret in my heart ,thinking about it occasionally when I was alone.I started digging in the roots of the neem tree with my bare hands, every stoke of my hand-made my heart beat harder and harder in my ribcage.i finally found the red cloth that was dug haphazardly in the heat of the tension that was around my house.i was scared and wanted the object hidden before anybody could lay eyes on it.I had wrapped in a red piece of cloth,torn from my dupatta and dug as fast and as deep i could, promising myself that i would forget everything about it and move on in my life but had i really moved on ?.I had no answer to this question because even though i had not thought about Rehan for quite some years ,deliberately pushing those memories away from my mind but after the death of my husband Sidhhant it was difficult not to think about the other guy in my life who had touched me emotionally so deep, even though Rehan and me didn’t have an actual relationship ,still it was my first account with love and memories of that night when we spoke for the first and the last time remained with me buried in my heart but not forgotten.

I could hear Riya talking to my mom about my aloofness, which was strange to her as her mom was always chirpy and alive, in the moment. The news of my grandfather passing away had reached us in Chicago through a call from my elder brother and even though we knew we wouldn’t make it on time for last rites, we had come to India to fulfil his wish to bring all his grandchildren to gather at our ancestral home. The slowly unwrapped the cloth and the blue gem sparkled in the moonlight. I wondered what had he gone through, to get this gem for me. It was so expensive and precious gift.I remembered i had been so overwhelmed with it that,it instantly became my symbol of love. And after all these years, it was still the same, shining in the moonlight.

As a teenager, I was a spoilt brat, being the only girl child with two elder brothers and first girl child of the family. There was not a demand of mine that would go in vain. My family made sure I had everything in plenty, be it toys to expensive jewels. I had a fetish for gems from early childhood. Less had I known these pieces of stones would later mean nothing to me more than that one person whom I wanted from all my might but alas, my demand was of course not fulfilled. I met Rehan on my way to school, he was busy chatting with the boys and as always he had his eyes on me. Pretending to ignore me when I looked towards him. This had been going for past two years now.. I knew he wanted to talk to me, but the spoiled brat that I was, I didn’t so as to look at him all the while dying to hear him talk to me. Sometimes I would repeat in my mind how he would sound.. I would imagine his voice to be as soft as silk and as husky as a grown man. The thought would tickle my senses and I would pray to God that the day arrives soon. Although in the back of my mind, I always knew that day would never come as I was a Hindu and he was a Muslim and hailing from this part of town where racism was at its peak. It was impossible for him to come up to me without being beaten to pulp from my elder brothers, family or any other Hindu’s who thought it was their right to poke into others business. Riots were frequent here and there won’t go a single day where we didn’t hear a Muslim been slaughtered to death or a Hindu has been murdered by Muslim. Still, there was a hope deep in my heart. What else could I cling to, apart from hope, what else could I do, how would I ever confess that I fell in love with that stranger whose name was Rehan. A sharp pain arose in my heart and my tears threatened to flow, when my daughter Riya stirred me again this time with joy dancing in her eyes. She had apparently seen the sapphire, she took it out of my palm and placed in her’s and it looked so serene in her petite palms.I explained to Riya that this was gift from my Grandpa and a family heirloom to which my mother looked at me shocked, I gave her a pleading look and sighed I would have to explain her the reason later .For some reason she did understand my sign and let go of that matter. I rose from the chair and kept the stone in my bedside drawer, I would have to think what to do with it later, maybe I will take it back home or maybe I will leave it here and not think about it ever. I had carried it for so long in my heart and I was so tired of this feeling that I no longer willed to do so in future . After Sidhant I had also wanted to move on with my life, but Rehan and his symbol of love was always there to deter my feeling of falling in love again. Wasn’t it the same when I was with Sidhant?. Even though we were married there was a reserved space for Rehan in my heart .We had a happy life and more than couples we were good friends, maybe that was the reason our marriage had sustained so long.

After we had dinner and everyone slept, I went out on the veranda and sat there thinking. Sleep was not my guest tonight. Memories started flooding my mind, I was sixteen and the thought of being in love was refreshing and exciting to me.I knew he was attracted to me.As days passed by I could no longer curb my feelings. The day I smiled at him for the first time I could swear I heard his sharp intake of breath, even though we were on the opposite side of the lane. He looked completely stunned. I desperately wanted to talk to him to divulge what I felt for him, but had no courage, so i mustered up all that I had and gave him first sign of friendliness by smiling at him. After that encounter we would slyly smile at each other whenever I passed the same lane , but never dared to talk to each other.Finally one day I heard his name been spoken in my house I ran in the hall and saw my father explaining to my brothers that, why they should not mingle with those roadside` lafangas’ meaning rowdies and that’s when I heard his name again ,my father was telling my brother that ,kids like Rehan and his entourage had political background and his father was against Hindu political parties.There could be no way that my family could be seen with any of them or any Muslims . My eldest brother was to be married to a daughter of the Hindu political leader in the same city and he did not want any controversies at this moment. I slowly recanted from the scene and went to my room feeling depressed. My brother got married without any fiasco and with his marriage the talks about my marriage also arose. Families who proposed marriage were politely rejected as my father wanted me to study abroad and marry his princess to a rich and handsome prince. He had enrolled me for further studies in abroad and arrangement had been made. I knew that day would soon come when I had to bid goodbye to Rehan, that I would never get an opportunity to confess my love . I would never again see him in my life. I was angry with my destiny, why had God done this to me? ,had he been a Hindu I could have discussed it my parents, we could have a chance but alas!.. He was a Muslim and belonged to a political family. Our families were poles apart, there was not a chance of any encounter without leading to bloodshed. It was all a sham, the society, these religions, its rules. Which religion denied the love of two innocent hearts, which rules decided two people born in different religion can’t be one, I was sick of this society and so was relieved to flee this city, this country which could not support my love. There was no hope after all.

I had to inform Rehan, I knew he would be struck and I was sad for him, for both of us. One day on my way to home, I spoke to my friend loudly , hoping he would catch the words and know that i would be gone from his life forever within a week.i desperately wanted him to know that i was unhappy too with this news and as i spoke to my friend i told her that i would remember everyone who had touched my life and that meant him,Rehan.Three days before i was to fly abroad i saw him at the same place,red-eyed ,distressed.I instantly knew the reason and that brought tears to eyes.I saw him walking up to me, sadness was suddenly replaced with shock . I did not want any bloodshed and definitely not his blood. I signaled him with tear filled eyes to go away, but he was adamant and came up to me only to hand my kerchief that had fallen on the ground. There was a sudden stir in the atmosphere , my brothers standing at the gate of the house were instantly by my side as if they flew from there and one of my brother’s friends was holding Rehan by his collar asking him about this sudden incident.He acted normally and shrugged away explaining the reason but my brother did not believe him,they thought the reason behind my tears was Rehan and this meant something serious. It was only after i explained them that i was thinking about them, my family and the thought of missing them made me cry , that they let him go.They took me home and only then I could see what was actually written on the kerchief.I had got the glimpse of it when he handed it to me, when his fingers brushed my fingers and send shivers down my spine, but before i could revive in its glorious feeling , even before i could read his eyes my brothers had arrived and everything had happened so fast that the feeling was gone. A sudden whining sound woke me up, I was relaxing in my chair, eyes closed.Bruno must have been thirsty.I went inside my room,fed him water.On my way out I also brought the blue sapphire rotating it in my palm. It was well past midnight, I could see the sky turning light blue as the first rays of sunlight burst through the sky,escaping the darkness. That reminded me of the night we met. He had mentioned the time and place in the note. It was dark and not a soul was to be seen.I saw him waiting for me in the corner of the same lane. He walked towards me and looked intensely into the eyes. We must have been in that state for a few minutes, but it felt like forever, as if we spoke everything that had to be spoken through our eyes, those untold words were enough to stay with us forever. He gently placed the blue sapphire in my palm and said it was his symbol of love. I was overwhelmed with emotions,not able to speak anything . Teary eyed we parted promising to keep each other in our hearts forever.

Twenty years have passed and I still remember every detail of that night. I saw the early birds flying in the sky. It had been a long time and reliving those memories made my heart feel lighter. I realized that our ways differed now; the gem was indeed our symbol of love but nothing more than that. There was a soft knock on the door, I rose to open the door and met with the same set of eyes I had left twenty years. He smiled and in a flash I knew who he was, Rehan! But how could that be possible?. I was still holding the blue stone, pressing hard against it. He told me that he was a political leader of the town and didn’t want anyone to know about us. He had heard about my arrival and wanted to know if I still had the blue sapphire with me.On seeing the gem in my palm, he smiled wider and took it in his hand. He said he was married with children and had greater political aspirations and such connections or resemblance may cause him harm. He made an apology and turned to leave, I was too stunned to ask how could he do such thing after what we had in the past, but he got my question and told that all of us live with our past. All of us allow it to shape our future. But some of us know how to shrug the past. I think that is who I am….with that he left me on my doorstep pondering on life and its being.


How I decorate my house with these fun diy during Diwali!

Hi..Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year to all my lovely readers.😃 I am a huge fan of diy’s and even though some of my diy’s don’t turn around as expected …some to them do..phew!

I am posting this in hope to give some ideas to u all . I am no expert in craft and artisan ..but I try and this keeps me happy and exuberant . I love customizing my I thought why not customise Diwali diya’s . I bought lots of tea light candles from dmart . They are quite cheap and easy to handle . I have done some research from the net and taken inspiration for all of these diy’s . I was very keen to do these diy’s this year as I wanted to put this up in my blog for you guys.

My first diy is penant shaped crochet toran with tassels .It’s quite simple..really ,gives a dash of colour to my living area. The colours that I have choosed are vibrant as I wanted something colourful this time .And also this is my second crochet project so even though I won’t be able to write all the technicalities ,I would be happy to add the link below for your reference .Here is the final picture of how it turned out to be .It was difficult at the beginningt..but later  it was piece of cake .img_20161028_004955


My second projects were with tea light candles . I have decorated them with glossy washi tapes or colourful tapes and they were just for 5/- rs.They were so cheap that I have taken lots of them ..😁 The adhesive on these tapes are extremely good and even though they maybe dupes of the original washi tapes which are so expensive ,I had say they are handy n easily accessible . So full marks to them . I have wrapped the glossy tape around the tea lights and voila !!!they turn out to be so lively!!!Here is the pic below .


My third project was decorating waste cd’s .I had never known that cd’s can be used in such variety of decorating projects .They are just fabulous and I am in love with these projects using cd’s. I am going to try them all .I have decorated the cd’s with embellished stones .Got them from local store for rs.5/- each for a small packet.




In the above picture I also have painted the cd using cotton bud as I did not have any  paint brush handy. I have used my kids watercolour even though it was suggested to use fevicryl colours. I am sure using those colours will enhance the look of this CD . It looks amazing and can be used as wall hanging too ,by hanging two or more below with ribbon or tape.

These were three diy’s for Diwali that I have tried this year. Enjoy your Diwali and have a safe and sound Diwali .

P.s. If you try any of these diy ‘s please post a pic and comment below .

The website address  for the crochet project .

Topic: Crochet bunting flags.



Advertisement a sacrilege to Young Minds..

So,this isn’t new to anybody. When we switch on our television every channel has some sort of commercial a.k.a advertisement on them. These catchy jingles have so well mingled with our life. And like any other entertainment industry these short-term entertainment industry also have some business ethics and moral ethics which are long forgotten!

Few days back ,I heard a young boy repeating jingle from an advertisement that had some lewd suggestions.I was shocked !! .The child was in developmental phase and its obvious that he will repeat words that are heard or seen by him .While one can be cautious of what one speaks in presence of a child ,how can one regulate what the child watches on television.Yeah i do know about child lock and the whole lot rule about restraining your children to only educational channels,but here i m referring to children of all age groups ..surely you can’t expect a 12 year,not to  view other channels . And lets face it , we all love to watch our daily saas-bahu serials, those comedy ones and occasional movies too .Furthermore its advisable to switch off your television or change the channel during any provoking scene but how can one escape those two-minute advertisement ..surely no ones going to sit glued to the remote and t.v to safeguard our young ones from such things.Truth is our youngsters are getting highly influenced by these ads. including other factors too.I don’t imply that advertisement is a complete curse , it has surely transfused education and information to large mass of people but there are pron’s to every boon.

Now-a-days advertisement are more influenced by western culture and while it maybe an advantage it also comes with some disadvantage.No matter how much we westernised our advertisement ,we are Indians at heart and love and respect our culture and cannot accept indecency in disguise of publicity.  Even if we excuse the gentle influence of western world to ours ads. , in what manner would we be able to overlook how silly and useless these promotions, have gotten to be.I am not alluding to every last promotion but rather some of them merit at wincing our nose to .These ads. lack creativity and getaway with any nonsense in pretense of promotion.For example,there’s an ad. from a trading website wherein a teenager asks for pocket-money from his dad ,to which his dad replies to earn it by scoring good marks .However his sister suggests this trading website to auction of his bike ..the same one gifted to him, by his parents hard-earned money, thus imparting wrong education that now kids can blackmail their parents into anything or else the consequence would be bad.This is definitely not what we want our children to see and learn .Instead of inspiring and creating positivity to work hard to earn rewards,we are imparting wrong education to our children ,that too served in a dish as television has become inseparable part of our life. Ice-cream ad. with seducing remarks is definitely not acceptable ..such advertisements are also displayed on cartoon channels . Isn’t there a board regulating all this nuisance!!.



Why are we teaching our generation to be unrespectful to elders and cheat their way to success.These ads. might be showcased for few seconds but they leave deep impact on young minds.Advertisement boasting  about certain products that can make a child strong enough  to waltz their way through a elder and stronger person.And the market is loaded with such advertisements faking the reality of the product, not explaining the age appropriate for the usage and so on..what these ads. reflect is not reality but their cheap attempt at selling the products through fake spark. Moreover  there is no escaping such ads. because they are everywhere t.v., social media, hoardings, clothes..etc. Children especially teenagers are  worst affected ..they  watch an ad. and purchase the product without even realizing if there is a need or not ,just because their favorite celebrity is associated with the product.The sole  moral of these advertisements are that one can get whatever they want by purchasing their product without considering the reality of the situation. Everything is possible in an ad. life and nobody can escape the promise and spark they showcase, and the audience they get carried away in this spark , be it an elder or a child.

images (1)

While some governments like Sweden has already acted upon protecting young children against bad influence of T.V. commercials ,our government has limited its regulations to harmful products like tobacco and cigarette.This is the need of the day that our administration begins considering the welfare of the youthful individuals from the general public they are our future ,what’s more, its our sole responsibility to handover a sheltered and sound society to them.