A view of the setting sun taken from the terrace of a building in Dosti Acres in Wadala,  Mumbai


I ran upstairs as soon as I returned  from school ..knocked on the door to meet the familiar face of my neighbor who stayed there..he was far older than me …I was no more than a teen myself and he was already in college..we were friends ..unusual friends you can say that …because what we spoke about was utter non- sense but extremely satisfying ..and after nearly twenty years ..while I m staring at the terrace of my opposite apartment ..the memories are flashing back!! They are not romantic ..but peaceful..the time when I was myself  and would let go -speak my mind without thinking about the consequences like grown -ups .I still don’t remember what kind of bond can a college 20 year something can have with a 10 year something. …still we used to go to the terrace every evening ..noon sometimes..simply talk ..or just sit and  stare at the stars.
Damn it was so peaceful!! Although we had nothing romantic…  we were not  friends ..I mean I used to call him “Bhaiya”..and treated him like friend ..to be frank our relationship had no name ..I never tied him Rakhi ..we both purely adored  each others company so much that I practically spend my half day either in his house ..or we would sit in the terrace and  hangout on the water tank above the terrace ..I know such situations now are not looked upon ..the same way it would have been twenty years before ..but still…I don’t think both of us would have cared for …
We would stare at the stars …talk about them ..and trust me those are my best memories till date ..I was not blessed with a happy childhood  and i wasn’t that bright student either ..All the frustration and loneliness around me found solace whenever I would gaze at the stars .
Years have passed by and today when we meet..we act normal like old neighbors would ..but deep down I know he would always hold a special place in my heart as a person who listened to my non stop blabbering, who spoke to me when I had no friends to speak to .. I would always remember him as a person who gave me those memorable memories – carefree..no strings attached memories ..just pleasurable and  happy memories.
When I look at the terrace and the water tank of my old apartment where I grew up..I always have a smile ..I might not show that on the face but I am smiling ..  within!

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