An Open Letter To All The Women…


Hi ladies,

Personally I feel you have made a huge mistake by choosing to work while taking care of your families !!   What you really do is work your ass off in office with work pressures , targets and commitments .Some of you even travel place to place on daily basis ..then you come back home deal with your – children studies, cooking food , cleaning the house , e.t.c . And circumstances are even  worse for the women  residing in joint family ,who get’s  no help from her in laws expecting her to be a super women with supernatural strength to do everything perfectly and “yes” on time !

Why I target middle class because these women cannot afford  domestic help and most of the times there families are also not supportive of their work  . They virtually struggle their  whole life juggling between job and family..its like to and fro they spin like an yo-yo!.  Their pain is real something we all can relate to at some point of time in our respective life’s. No matter the amount of riches ,if a women set’s her foot out to work she has to mentally prepare herself to handle both the worlds – family and career.. unlike to their opposite gender who live a carefree life focusing on their job and thus excelling in it . Hats off !!! to those wonderful  women who despite all such hardship excel at their jobs and prove better then men . But a large section of women among us are still struggling trying to be both ‘men’ and ‘women’ of the house .

These women belong to the middle class where they stay in big cities with big family hoping to get a better life . They believe by working out they get their freedom and earn few bucks too ..but in the long run what they are doing is harming themselves by ignoring their health , space and well -being . These women get no or little assistance from their families. They are expected to be polite at every point of time handling all the calamities of life with supernatural power while staying focused towards their career.Any impoliteness caused is taken as disrespect no matter what the cause be ..nobody gives a thought that their health might be the reason since women tend to experience more pain than men , no one shows empathy towards them ..and trust me ladies sympathy doesn’t help in such situations …however  if this behavior would have been from their male counterparts ..the family instantly goes on emergency alert..worrying about his health, career, boss what not ..!!

I personally believe that women is our ancestral time lived happily ,enjoying single responsibility of their home (which by the way is a huge task itself)  and thus lived longer .Whereas now-a-days women suffer from all kinds of lifestyle disorder ,health issues ..because of the additional burden of duties that they have chosen to haul on their shoulders. Ages before work was specifically divided between  men and women considering the ability of both the genders . Men are physically strong so they were in charge to bring food, hunt and build . Women are emotionally strong so they were in charge to bear the babies and look after the families . Thus , this gave ample time to women to recover from the stress they handled on daily basis also physically they were rested enough to take care of the families needs and function 24/7.

So my dearest women , you already have all kinds of burden from your family to take care of – children – there studies,health, clothes , your man (who is like a child too -fondly represented such by his family ..)cleaning house, cooking , sabziwala, dudhwala, and all the ‘walas’ who you deal with monthly or daily basis, your in-laws and there well being ..etc…e.t.c. among all these duties stepping out to work and travel only increases your duties thus affecting your personal space , your freedom  and eventually your health.




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