Things That I Understand ,Now That I Am A Mom…

Every mother has a vivid dream as to how she will bring up her child . The action plan is mapped out in her mind even before the child comes into existence .A lot of thought is given over the matter, which is rather serious for the first timers.Every parent wants to succeed as a parent and want their child to respect and idealize them in future . Even though I accept that both parents put a lot of efforts into bringing up the child, I have a special place for mom’s ..coz  I am one now and  I can totally understand what a mom goes through right from the time she gets the special news till the time her child is old enough to take care of themselves which I believe is never…

When a mom conceives a baby ..she is not only conceiving the baby but a future in her womb..nuturing begins right from there..and continues like forever..The baby is out and about and now  moms have to nurture them ,protect them and also prepare them for every milestones as per their age .Sometimes I feel the milestones mentioned all over the internet for babies should actually mention the milestones for mom’s …because with every milestone of the child ,the mom steps into next milestones as well ,of her life .Right from crawling to talking ,eating to walking and many more . The baby grows ,learns new things..talks ,walks ,eats ..and everyone praises the baby for their efforts ,but seldom I see anybody acknowledging the mountain of efforts the mom has taken to teach that each and every move the child makes ,right from holding his hand – the encouraging words she spoke to her baby ..the  time she left those hands so that her baby can walk on her own,nobody will ever know how fast her heart was  pounding with anxiety .How scared she was for her baby. The time she is let her baby eat alone,how worried she was that her baby would choke on the food and  not bite every single morsel patiently..yes ! for moms every single morsel taken by her small baby  is the reason to worry .Nobody will ever congratulate her for her bravery when she left her child to school for the first time ..Those two hours were worse than any nightmare…I know that because I m a mom..and I cried standing there in front of my babies school as if someone had snatched his rights from me..stupid it may sound ..but I could see my reflection on many other mom’s , some trying very hard to control  and some desperately peeping inside ..trying to get a glimpse of their ward. How brave is that!

I personally think that every mom should be given a special bravery award for caring for her ailing child ..that’s the toughest part of being a mother. To see your child suffering no matter with which ever ailment it is …it could be a silly sneeze or something serious ..I don’t think any site or book or advice can ever prepare her for the huge amount of heart-break she will face by just looking at her ailing child .How hard she tries to keep a brave face ..crying inside and asking for help from God ….how suspicious she is of doctors treatment..whether they would treat better or not ..She would stop at nothing until she is satisfied with the treatment. She will follow her heart and most of the times she is right too. They say ‘Mothers knows it all’ well what you know she does !.The amount of control she keeps that time is humongous ..she cares for child physically and emotionally never letting her child to be saddened by the situation,then there are dad’s to be handled who are weakest link when it comes to child’s you see she handles not only one but two of them ..and its an enormous responsibility to maintain your sanity and continue with everyday chores while your child is unwell . No one can ever understand the connection a mother has with her child …its far more sacred than any kind of love. Hats off to all the wonderful  Moms..Truely.

Mothers are so special ..I don’t even know if I can explain everything in words .. its endless!!!..There love for us is infinite ..Each and every word that i write today ..each and every alphabet has been thought by my mother and i can totally understand how hard it must be for her to teach a toddler to read and write ,who is completely new to this world of reading and writing  ..I mean each alphabet from A- Z has my moms efforts echoed into it and i cannot even thank her enough for this. Today i can achieve my goal and write because there’s a mom who sacrificed her health, happiness, entertainment n many more so that she can give special attention to her children’s studies and teach them to be successful in future . So maybe today she is just a house wife or a retired officer ..but she had seen a dream for her child and worked selflessly to see her dream come true ..To make her child self sufficient ..sucessfull..happy and healthy in life .That’s all a mother ever prays for .

As a mother today i understand my mom completely ..every day is a new challenge and all the deeds she has done for me is so clearly evident ..which i might have not even considered if i were not a mother..I can’t even explain the immense pressure a mom faces to raise her child ..she has to look  after every minute details of her child’s life be it , physical , emotional and mental too..and if any thing goes wrong ..she has to take the blame . It’s very convenient to blame the mother ..but no one ever ponders on the walloping efforts she puts everyday to teach good deeds to the child .Seldom the society praises  her accomplishments as a mother. Even after so much of struggle i have rarely heard a mom boasting of her endeavor …My experience as a mother till now has been happy,exerting and blissful and i am sure all the mothers out there have felt all these emotions at some point of their life ..Mothers are next to God .  Their contribution in shaping our lives would always be slightly more than anybody else . As a mother i now   understand that the mighty task to deliver good human being to society lies on delicate yet strong shoulders of mothers and i am sure each generation of mothers will stay true to it …Long hale all the moms of the world!!!! ..Silent bow!!









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