How I decorate my house with these fun diy during Diwali!

Hi..Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year to all my lovely readers.😃 I am a huge fan of diy’s and even though some of my diy’s don’t turn around as expected …some to them do..phew!

I am posting this in hope to give some ideas to u all . I am no expert in craft and artisan ..but I try and this keeps me happy and exuberant . I love customizing my I thought why not customise Diwali diya’s . I bought lots of tea light candles from dmart . They are quite cheap and easy to handle . I have done some research from the net and taken inspiration for all of these diy’s . I was very keen to do these diy’s this year as I wanted to put this up in my blog for you guys.

My first diy is penant shaped crochet toran with tassels .It’s quite simple..really ,gives a dash of colour to my living area. The colours that I have choosed are vibrant as I wanted something colourful this time .And also this is my second crochet project so even though I won’t be able to write all the technicalities ,I would be happy to add the link below for your reference .Here is the final picture of how it turned out to be .It was difficult at the beginningt..but later  it was piece of cake .img_20161028_004955


My second projects were with tea light candles . I have decorated them with glossy washi tapes or colourful tapes and they were just for 5/- rs.They were so cheap that I have taken lots of them ..😁 The adhesive on these tapes are extremely good and even though they maybe dupes of the original washi tapes which are so expensive ,I had say they are handy n easily accessible . So full marks to them . I have wrapped the glossy tape around the tea lights and voila !!!they turn out to be so lively!!!Here is the pic below .


My third project was decorating waste cd’s .I had never known that cd’s can be used in such variety of decorating projects .They are just fabulous and I am in love with these projects using cd’s. I am going to try them all .I have decorated the cd’s with embellished stones .Got them from local store for rs.5/- each for a small packet.




In the above picture I also have painted the cd using cotton bud as I did not have any  paint brush handy. I have used my kids watercolour even though it was suggested to use fevicryl colours. I am sure using those colours will enhance the look of this CD . It looks amazing and can be used as wall hanging too ,by hanging two or more below with ribbon or tape.

These were three diy’s for Diwali that I have tried this year. Enjoy your Diwali and have a safe and sound Diwali .

P.s. If you try any of these diy ‘s please post a pic and comment below .

The website address  for the crochet project .

Topic: Crochet bunting flags.


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