Advertisement a sacrilege to Young Minds..

So,this isn’t new to anybody. When we switch on our television every channel has some sort of commercial a.k.a advertisement on them. These catchy jingles have so well mingled with our life. And like any other entertainment industry these short-term entertainment industry also have some business ethics and moral ethics which are long forgotten!

Few days back ,I heard a young boy repeating jingle from an advertisement that had some lewd suggestions.I was shocked !! .The child was in developmental phase and its obvious that he will repeat words that are heard or seen by him .While one can be cautious of what one speaks in presence of a child ,how can one regulate what the child watches on television.Yeah i do know about child lock and the whole lot rule about restraining your children to only educational channels,but here i m referring to children of all age groups ..surely you can’t expect a 12 year,not to  view other channels . And lets face it , we all love to watch our daily saas-bahu serials, those comedy ones and occasional movies too .Furthermore its advisable to switch off your television or change the channel during any provoking scene but how can one escape those two-minute advertisement ..surely no ones going to sit glued to the remote and t.v to safeguard our young ones from such things.Truth is our youngsters are getting highly influenced by these ads. including other factors too.I don’t imply that advertisement is a complete curse , it has surely transfused education and information to large mass of people but there are pron’s to every boon.

Now-a-days advertisement are more influenced by western culture and while it maybe an advantage it also comes with some disadvantage.No matter how much we westernised our advertisement ,we are Indians at heart and love and respect our culture and cannot accept indecency in disguise of publicity.  Even if we excuse the gentle influence of western world to ours ads. , in what manner would we be able to overlook how silly and useless these promotions, have gotten to be.I am not alluding to every last promotion but rather some of them merit at wincing our nose to .These ads. lack creativity and getaway with any nonsense in pretense of promotion.For example,there’s an ad. from a trading website wherein a teenager asks for pocket-money from his dad ,to which his dad replies to earn it by scoring good marks .However his sister suggests this trading website to auction of his bike ..the same one gifted to him, by his parents hard-earned money, thus imparting wrong education that now kids can blackmail their parents into anything or else the consequence would be bad.This is definitely not what we want our children to see and learn .Instead of inspiring and creating positivity to work hard to earn rewards,we are imparting wrong education to our children ,that too served in a dish as television has become inseparable part of our life. Ice-cream ad. with seducing remarks is definitely not acceptable ..such advertisements are also displayed on cartoon channels . Isn’t there a board regulating all this nuisance!!.



Why are we teaching our generation to be unrespectful to elders and cheat their way to success.These ads. might be showcased for few seconds but they leave deep impact on young minds.Advertisement boasting  about certain products that can make a child strong enough  to waltz their way through a elder and stronger person.And the market is loaded with such advertisements faking the reality of the product, not explaining the age appropriate for the usage and so on..what these ads. reflect is not reality but their cheap attempt at selling the products through fake spark. Moreover  there is no escaping such ads. because they are everywhere t.v., social media, hoardings, clothes..etc. Children especially teenagers are  worst affected ..they  watch an ad. and purchase the product without even realizing if there is a need or not ,just because their favorite celebrity is associated with the product.The sole  moral of these advertisements are that one can get whatever they want by purchasing their product without considering the reality of the situation. Everything is possible in an ad. life and nobody can escape the promise and spark they showcase, and the audience they get carried away in this spark , be it an elder or a child.

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While some governments like Sweden has already acted upon protecting young children against bad influence of T.V. commercials ,our government has limited its regulations to harmful products like tobacco and cigarette.This is the need of the day that our administration begins considering the welfare of the youthful individuals from the general public they are our future ,what’s more, its our sole responsibility to handover a sheltered and sound society to them.





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