Pre-school Pressure.

Education is the basic pillar for successful life that we provide to our children.We all wish to invision our children rising the success ladder and education plays important part in it. But what also matters is that from where will they get right kind of education? The focus ,attention required on every student is much greater then it was few years back. Todays  fast paced life demands prompt action.There is so much competition that parents are in constant pressure for selecting right schools and education for their kids.In India itself there are various boards and their level of education varies.

Being a mumbaikar ,my parents never thought of any kind of boards or different kind of education, and opportunities they provide ,but that was a decade before.Today the world has changed for better or worse,because even though there a lot of new vocation  available today, it puts mental stress on kids . Todays generation have many options but too much competition.Life is no longer simpler like it used to be few years back.Obvisouly with so much competition  round to prove oneself parents want to enroll their children to the best school availabe.Pre-school is the first step for the child . And selecting the right preschool  is like deciding which warrior’s  weapon the child needs to carry to face the world 14 years later! From warrior’s weapon I mean the educational board CBSE,ICSE,State Govt.board,e.t.c.Then there are other features to consider like the curriculum,projects ,parents involvement,cctv camera(since security is the priority ) and so on. There are so many concerns a parent has before enrolling a child that it’s almost appalling .Amidst all these parents should also consider  the environment of the school.Children who are to go to school for the first time are not more than 1 and half or 3 years old.That’s a very tender age for children to understand the harsh competitions they are about to face in future. It’s like tieing them down with responsibility to prove themselves to the world even before they understand what it means. So it’s advisable to search for good school but also make sure that which ever board they enrol for ..or whichever they school they join,their childhood,innocence should not be compromised.This is their age to play ,explore and have fun and that’s what they should do only then our future generation would be able to spread their wings far and wide without any pressure and explore the world.Now that is the right kind of education !😃






3 thoughts on “Pre-school Pressure.

  1. well said, we do tend to forget…..childhood is meant for building happy memories….and not meant just for homework, tuitions, heavy bags and scores… should first be kids.


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